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Compatible with iPhones and iPods from iOS 7.x.x to 9.x.x
Partially compatible with iPads (only works in landscape)

You always wanted to browse the Internet from your lockscreen? Are you tired to unlock your device just to do a quick Google search?

If yes, LockBrowser was made for you!

LockBrowser allows you to browse the Internet from your lockscreen without having to enter your password. Just swipe left on your lockscreen and start browsing!

The browser comes with 4 buttons:
- A back and a forward button
- A reload button
- A homepage button (you can configure the link of your homepage in the preferences)

A clever address bar is also included. It will know if you want to do a Google search or directly access to a website.

LockBrowser has 2 beautiful modes: A light mode and a dark mode.

Configure options from the Settings app

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This item is now Free.
Updated August 16, 2018
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