IMPORTANT: You must change your Settings to make this cydget operate properly. Read below for instructions to activate.

LockDock-Lite is a LockCydget that allows the end-user to build anything from a 1x1 dock to a 1x4 dock on their LockScreen. App launching, badge alerts and vertical positioning is available.

Setting up a custom dock is easy using the app list feature. The app list is accessible by clicking a arrow at the top of your lockscreen (this arrow can be disabled/enabled threw the settings), it will then list all the built in apps on your device and present them in a ladder (icons and names) on a page, you can then select a position on your dock and set a app at that position by just clicking the app name.

- Please take a look at the screenshots for a visual explanation of the above description.

- There is also a none lite version, it allows anything from a 1x1 dock to a 4x5 board of apps, the use of 3rd party applications, and is alot more advanced.

This is a plugin called a `cydget`. This uses Cydget, a plugin manager for your lock screen. You will need to configure Cydget to use this properly. The plugin can be activated and rearranged through the settings screen, which you can access by using the Cydget section in the system Settings app.

Activate this Cydget by opening Settings app on your iPhone or iPod touch and choosing `Cydget` submenu. Open the `Lock Cydget Order` setting and tap on the row to place a checkmark next to the LockDock item to add it to your lock screen's plugin rotation. You can also use this screen to rearrange the order of their rotation.

When you are on the lock screen press the home button to go to the next plugin.

See More Info below for screenshots.

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    v 1.1.7
  • Two minor bug fixes
Updated May 3, 2010
License Free Package
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