Compatible with iOS 8

A simple way to make your lock screen more elegant and light.

LockSmoother+ is an extension of my previous tweak, LockSmoother, but LS+ is different. It contains a lot of different customization options which will give your lock screen a very sleek and neat look.

What’s the best part? This all integrates nicely with others awesome and beautiful customization tweaks, such as Springtomize3! No conflicts, no problems, just awesome.


LockSmoother+ is optimized for iOS 8, and entirely designed on an iPhone 6, but will work properly on other devices as well.

Here’s a technical list of features:

- Hide Date
- Hide Charging Text
- Hide Slide to Unlock Text
- Customize Date Text
- Customize Slide to Unlock Text
- Hide Status Bar
- Set Status Bar Opacity
- Hide grabbers

- Modify pin field circles diameter
- Modify pin field width
- Hide Emergency & Cancel buttons

- Remove Blurs
- Remove Shadows
- Remove Notifications Separators

And these are just the first version options! I am currently developing more and more.
Imagine combining it with some other awesome tweaks and a nice HD wallpaper. That should do it, right? ;)

Configure options from Settings.

See larger Screenshots below..

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1) Fixed the "Hide Slide To Unlock" switch, which was not working.
2) Fixed the Camera Grabber appearing after a respring, if it was set hidden.
3) Fixed the "Hide Emergency and Cancel buttons" switch, which was not working properly on iPhone 6+.
Updated December 20, 2014
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