Locktopus: password-protect individual apps DIRECTLY from SpringBoard! No need to open another app and respring.

With Locktopus, locking apps is as easy as moving them around the homescreen.

Locktopus is compatible with ALL devices on ALL modern firmwares (3.x-4.x). Locktopus also works with the multitasking bar on 4.x. Words don't do Locktopus justice; check out the screenshots.

Use lock toggles in wiggle mode
The default password is: password
Change password from Settings app
Forget your password? Reinstall this extension with Cydia. If you locked Cydia, you must disable this extension with SBSettings, or by manually renaming or removing it via SSH. Upon the doing so, you can open Cydia and reinstall. Contact the authors if you need further assistance.

Locktopus provides reasonable protection from unauthorized launching of apps. The seller assumes no liability for user data being compromised, lost or inaccessible in the case of a software malfunction.

Please contact the authors if you need help.

See More Info below for screenshots.

More Information

Updated March 22, 2012
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.00
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