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LockY0urApp is a very simple app to protect your own app on your iPhone,iPod or iPad。You can ser a password to any app on your device, when you want to active the app whick is protected ,you must press the password.

what you can get from this app!
1,safe!not afraid to give your phone to anyone want to open your app who you don‘t want he/she to see sometiing
2,when you lose your phone,no one can cheat ohters !
3,protect your game save file!be careful the kids want to delete it!

Now,just get it and begin a new life!

This software provides reasonable protection from unauthorized launching of apps. The seller assumes no liability for user data being compromised, lost or inaccessible in the case of a software malfunction.

Configure from LockY0urApp app.

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Bug fixs
1,fix sometimes the lock screen will frozen your device
2,fix sometimes will crash when scroll down,if you meet this again,please send your applist shotscreen to me .
3,Add,when you tap the lockscreen ,it will close (home button still can do this )
4,Add a picutre when cant get right icon files.
Updated January 20, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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