Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

• Compatible with most lockscreen tweaks as well as Touch ID •

"Login" brings a new way to unlock your iOS device! This tweak was inspired by the clean and simple Mac OS X login screen design. Now you can finally unlock your device with OS X-style! (This tweak does not create multiple accounts rather it allows your iOS device's lockscreen or passcode view to somewhat look and function like a Mac OS X login screen).

WARNING: a passcode must be enabled for this tweak to work. Once installed please unlock your device ONCE with the default passcode screen.

• Choose to have Login on top of the lockscreen or replace your passcode view.
• Contains aesthetic animations to enhance the Login experience.
• Choose between Dark Blur, Light BLur, and Ultra Light Blur as well as the blur radius (Login blur is based off of your lockscreen wallpaper).
• Choose/take your profile picture.
• Set your user name.
• Set your custom password (no restrictions).
• Set your password hint.
• Use keyboard or numberpad to enter password.
• "Immediate Unlock" option allows your device to unlock immediately after password is entered.
• "Dark Buttons" option allows you to use gray colored buttons instead of white buttons for lighter colored wallpapers or blur.
• "Dark Keyboard" option changes the password keyboard/numberpad to a dark color instead of the default light color.
• "Hide Power Menu" option allows you to hide the power menu at the bottom of the screen.
• "Hide Power Menu Labels" option allows you to hide the labels below the power menu.
• "Unlock Animation" option allows your device to show a smooth animation when the device is unlocked.
• "LS Statusbar Time" allows you to show the the time in the lockscreen statusbar.
• Password protected Login preferences.
• Many other customizable features.

(This tweak has no affiliation with Apple. "Login" uses NO code or icons from Apple and was developed purely with Objective-C the primary programming language of iOS. "Logins" design is simply "inspired" by the Mac OS X login screen and is NOT replicated. "Login" icon was created using a royalty free icon and photoshop and is not affiliated with the Mac OS X symbol.)

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- Lowest blur radius is now 0.1, it cannot go fully transparent as it would render the login view unusable.

- Added option to choose the alpha of the login x button.

- Added option to disable the drag up gesture.

- Added option to hide the power menu labels.

- Edited the text and picture of the twitter post button in preferences.

- Added option to choose between having Login on top of your lockscreen or replace the passcode view (default is now on top of the lockscreen).

- Added option to choose position of Login X Button.

- Fixed password protect preferences bugs.

- Fixed keyboard from showing when unlocking on iOS 8 devices.

- Other small bug fixes and improvements.

- Fixed choosing/taking "User Image" from not saving at all (image now saves to "/var/mobile/root/Login/userimage.png").

- Added "Dark Keyboard" option which changes the password keyboard/numberpad to a dark color instead of the default light color.

- More updates and new features to come soon!

Updated September 10, 2016
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