Compatible with iOS 7 only

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  • Multiple Signatures (even HTML capable) for each Mail Account
  • HTML Usage for Mail Composing
  • Rules for incoming emails: Mark read / flagged, notification, move to mailbox, delete
  • Custom notifications (Vibrate x-times, Show / Hide Popup, Soundfile or iTunes Ringtone, Speech)
  • Custom volume for mail notifications
  • Option: Sound / Speech notification always or only when headphones are connected
  • Announce emails using Addressbook names
  • Use volume buttons to dismiss notifications
  • Mail Highlighting in inbox (using different colors)
  • Inbox filter (Show unread / flagged / all with a single tap)
  • Quick actions (Mark read / unread, flagged / unflagged, delete, move) using swipe and touch gestures
  • Select / Deselect all mails in inbox
  • Additional Usability Features

Configure options from Settings app

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Added: Finnish translation
Added: More iOS Soundfiles for notifications
Fixed: Notifications muting iPod volume and hiding volume HUD
Fixed: Double mail notifications when Mail Enhancer Notifications were disabled
Fixed: Notification Language not selectable in settings
Fixed: Color selection being off-screen
Fixed: Translation in Mail Enhancer Settings Backup not showing
Updated March 18, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 4.99
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