Supports iOS 5.0 to 9.

Almost all address and map links you come across will open the iOS Maps app when tapped. Unfortunately, Apple Maps had proven to be unreliable in its first months, and even today there are areas of the world that aren’t as accurate as in Google Maps. MapsOpener exists to allow you to override this behavior and use Google Maps for all map links. This includes links to the Google Maps website, which usually open in Safari and require an extra tap to open the native app. The latest version of the Google Maps app from the App Store is required.

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• Fixes an issue causing some locations to fail to open on iOS 9.
• Due to freezing/crashing issues on iOS 9, some logic has been disabled. A proper fix will be coming as soon as possible. More details on reddit.

• Fixes an issue that causes a crash when injecting a tweak into a 32-bit app (such as Cydia) on iPhone 6s.

Terms and Conditions
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