Compatible with iOS 10.
MessageFilter is a tweak that allows you to choose words that will get blocked for certain conversations. It integrates directly into Apple's Messages app, and can be configured in the details page of a conversation. It also works with quick reply both on the lock screen and in apps.

It has two different ways to block texts. Both can be used simultaneously.

1. Blacklist
The classic mode, where you can specify words which will not be allowed to be send. An example would be blocking swear words to your boss.

2. Whitelist
The whitelist works by making these words only acceptable in that conversation. For example, if you whitelist the word "sugarplum" for your girlfriend, any other conversation where you use this word will get a warning.

To choose words to block, press the '(i)' button present in the top corner when you have a conversation opened.

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- Fixed bug where the whitelist might not take effect
Updated February 17, 2017
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