Works on all versions of iOS, including iOS 7 + 64bit

MesageRenamer7 has been rewritten from the ground up - complete with iOS 7 and 64bit compatibility.

It allows you to easily change the name of any conversation in your messages app (both BiteSMS and stock!), useful if you want to change a group chat's list of names to something a bit more descriptive. Tap and hold to reveal the pop-up menu. "Rename" allows you to change the conversation name, "Reset" restores the changed name to it's original value, and "Cancel" closes the pop up.

NOTE: MessageRenamer remains as a (FREE) iOS 6 and below package. MessageRenamer7 is a paid version of this tweak with support for iOS 7 (as well as iOS 6 and below). Though the functionality is the same, the tweak has been entirely rewritten and is much more clean and efficient as a result. If you’re on iOS 6 (or below) and neither of these two changes mean anything to you/you don’t feel like paying $0.99, feel free to download the older version. If you do choose to purchase MessageRenamer7, thanks!

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Fixed 64bit support
Updated February 3, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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