Compatible with iOS 9 (should work on iOS 8)

Customize springboard at your own style.

- Remove Dock (not hide, SpringBoard icons will fit all screen) ATTENTION! QUIT ALL ICONS FROM DOCK BEFORE RESPRING!!
- Custom icons in Dock, 10 icons max
- Custom dock icon size
- Stretch Dock icons
- Move Dock icons up and down
- Badges position. Idea by @CydiaGeek
- Hide page dots
- Disable scroll pages gesture (useful if you want to use more screen for homescreen icons
- Move page dots up and down
- Move page dots up and down at top of screen
- Stretch SpringBoard icons layout on both directions
- Stretch folder icons layout on both directions
- Change folders size
- SpringBoard ripple effect on icon tap, with color extracted from dominant icon color. RippleBoard by @Razzilient
- Round SpringBoard icons. RippleBoard by @Razzilient
- Custom icons in folders on both directions
- Strech Dock background

- Custom/Hide "Slide to unlock" text and chevron
- Hide NC and CC grabbers
- Scale down Statusbar
- Hide camera grabber
- Allow 20 bulletin lines
- Show StatusBar clock on LockScreen
- Autodismiss to HomeScreen or Passcode screen
- Show "Slide to unlock" text immediately
- Custom time for how long before screen turns off while locked
- Remove background blur
- Renove background tint
- Hide Today view
- Hide Notifications view

- Hide stupid Notification Center weather text
- Allow 20 bulletin lines
- Hide Chevron (CC & NC)
- Custom chevron color (CC & NC)
- Hide NC Today "Edit" button
- Flat chevron
- Show Grabber on first swipe
- Hide separator lines
- Hide background blur
- Hide Today clock

- Disable parallax effect
- Disable Spotlight
- Hide Dock Background
- Tint StatusBar background
- Custom Date/Clock, Labels and StatusBar text color (Primary and secondary colors)
- Custom icon labels blur shadow
- Hide folder background
- Nested folders (folder in folder)
- Disable open folder when created
- UnBold StatusBar clock
- Enable pinch-to-close
- Enable black folder BG
- Custom Carrier
- Hide SpringBoard icon badges
- Change Dock, LS icons and texts and folder BG effect
- Replace Search page indicator with normal dot
- Remove Jitter effect (while rearranging icons)
- Medusa (Rotate all)
- Hide dock icon labels - NEW!!!

- Reduce scroll velocity
- Disable blur cards
- Custom BG darkening
- Custom BG blur
- Custom HomeScreen card blur
- Hide icon and labels
- Icons and labels custom size
- BETA - AppSwitcher cards custom size
- Hide only labels
- SwipeUp homescreen card to respring or power down on iOS 7/8 and iOS 9
- Option to change between iOS 7/8, iOS 9 and Developer styles
- Custom cards padding
- Custom scroll center
- Custom depth padding
- Custom HS card center (and open AppSwitcher on active app)
- Change AppSwitcher background effect. Choose between black, vibrant or saturated background
- Second way to resize AppSwitcher cards

- Hide AirPlay
- Hide Media
- Hide Settings
- Hide Quick Launch
- Hide Brightness
- Hide Brightness dark background
- Flat Chevron (CC)
- Show Grabber on first swipe

- Tint recent calls*
- Tint recents separator
- Tint recents item selected
- Hide Favourites tab
- Hide Voice Mail tab
- Hide Contacts tab
- Vibrate when a call is connected**

* Blue for incoming calls, Green for outgoing calls, Red for missing calls. ("libcolorpicker" tweak is needed for custom color)
ColorCodedLogs by @leftyfl1p

** CallConnect by Phillip Tennen

-- EXTRAS --
- Disable Voice Control (even in LockScreen, for safety)
- Disable Home button double tap gesture. (Really great with Virtual Home)
- Disable 3D Touch blur BG
- De-anime clock icon (to avoid battery and performance lossless)
- Custom volume HUD time delay
- Custom screenshot flash color
- Hide StatusBar
- Hide StatusBar clock
- HomeScreen icons shadow (Shadowboard)
- HomeScreen icons shadow color
- HomeScreen icons shadow size
- HomeScreen icons shadow position
- HomeScreen icons shadow opacity
- HomeScreen icons shadow radius
- HomeScreen icons shadow rounded corners
- Invert boot Apple logo (userland)

* Shadowboard by Phillip Tennen. Enhanced by myself

- Springboard goes into safe mode with InfinyDock!!!!

With the new Backup/Restore/Defaults options now it is easy to go back to zero and start again. There are too many options, and some of them change other settings. Little confusing (thinking: this tweak is not working well).

Some users are downgrading to 1.6.1. No one tells me what happens. If you feel that metamorph is going wrong or something, follow this steps:

1. Uninstall MetaMorph, LibHide and libcolorpicker
2. Delete folder: /private/var/mobile/Library/LibHide
3. Delete file: /private/var/mobile/Library /Preferences/com.oly.metamorph.plist
4. Delete file: /private/var/mobile/Library /Preferences/com.oly.metahide.plist
5. Reboot
6. Install MetaMorph 1.9.1


Configure options from Settings.


MetaMorph was born with one simple goal... To add as many tweaks as I can...

I'm not a developer... I only have an iPhone 5s, which is where I'm writing the code, test tweak, and everything else... My first succesfully code was on December '15... Upload the package to Cydia is the only thing that I'm doing outside my iPhone.

If you wanna help me with code, requests, translations or anything please let me know by mail.

I really appreciate any help!!!

Sorry by my English, and thank you!!!

See larger Screenshots below..

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- MetaMorph now uses LibHide on the right way (Thanks to @Optimo)
- No need to reboot to take changes for hide icons anymore, only a respring.
- Repositioned some options (Hide Icons are now before all options, only on this release. On next releases that section will be at the right place)
- Added some icons

- Fixed (Hope the last one) "No edit button" in NC not working properly on 9.3+
- Fixed Dock Labels not hidding
- Fixed Dock Labels not moving up and down
- Fixed HomeScreen Labels not hidding
- Fixed HomeScreen Labels not moving up and down
- Fixed Maximum lines not working in LockScreen

- Added BrowserChooser to Extras section. Select your prefered browser when a link is opened. BrowserChooser by Ryan Petrich
- Added hide StatusBar icons (CarPlay, Bluetooth, Location, Data Network, etc...)
- Added 2 new icon shapes "Abstract" and "Double corner"
- Added an option to add a border effect to each icon shape
- Added a new Preset "Inverted". Labels on top of icons, page dots on top of screen and Double corner shape with border effect
Updated September 14, 2016
License Free Package
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