Compatible with iOS 7 & 8 & 9

What can MiniTime do ?
By using MiniTime, you can make Date & Time on your iPhone lock screen more comfortable than usual. In the past of few days,We have offered two kinds of styles that you could choose such as MIUI style and Simple style.You can also select the text colors in Settings by yourself. Besides, customize the other elements on your lock screen is also an important part of this tweaks.Only you can not think, no we can not do.
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2016/9/6 Update
What's new:
NOTICE:this package's version is 1.3-3.IF YOU HAVE ANY RANDOM RESPRING,PLZ UPDATE THIS VERSION.and if you have not this situation,PLZ DON'T UPDATE THIS VERSION!

What's new:
1.fix bug(open camera on lockscreen then unlock device will lead device enter safe mode).

Updated September 6, 2016
License Free Package
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