MobileDashboard is a great MobileSubstrate plugin which overlays Dashboard widgets on to your SpringBoard! Have sticky notes accessed with speed and ease from any point of the day, or add your favorite widgets to it and use them whenever you need.

You can put all new widgets in "/var/mobile/Library/Widgets/". It supports real Dashboard widgets, as well as something called a "CrazyWidget", which uses the API which isn't totally ready yet, however enough to have made a Sticky Note widget with it. Check the screenshots to really see it's full power.

For bugs, or feature requests email the Author contact above. Any feature requests will be looked in to, and more than likely added to the next update.

    New in version 1.0.2:
  • You now have a large space (640 pts by 460 pts) of room to add widgets. This will be resizeable in the next version.
  • Widgets now appear exactly where you put them.
  • Widgets now only are moveable when in editing mode, but now wiggle to show you that you can in fact move them from any point of the widget
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Updated December 5, 2009
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.49
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