* Custom Profiles
Define low-level system settings such as brightness, bluetooth, wallpapers and more.

* Quick Profiles
Quickly access the most used services on your device.

* Quick Services
Change system settings on the fly.

* Remote Backup / Restore
Use Dropbox to backup and restore preferences, custom profiles and diganostics logs or share custom profiles between devices!

* Share notifications
Optionally send out notifications to Twitter and Facebook

See the Screenshots link below.

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    v 2.3.2
  • Fixed issue with Twitter screen showing persistently.
  • Fixed issues with Facebook login using the Facebook app for authentication.
  • Fixed incorrect screen sizes from Nag screen in Demo.
  • Fixed crash when setting a custom command from the Mobile Profile Switcher.
  • Fixed issue with Color Wheel changing interface to black when no color was selected
    v 2.3
  • Now a Universal App!
  • Version 2.2 changes pushed from Demo.
  • Fixed the ability to rename Custom Profiles.
  • Fixed Profile naming, now only character now allowed is the forward slash.
  • Fixed several Diagnostics Logs inconsistencies.
  • Fixed New Profile Dialog (iPad).
  • Fixed Album art for Media Info (iPad, Kisok).
  • Fixed Kiosk scroll view loading incorrectly.
  • Fixed crash when setting profiles.
  • Fixed Brightness setting in Switcher.
  • Added Dropbox Remote Back / Restore options for Cutom Profiles, logs and preferences.
  • Added Loading Kiosk notification while Kiosk gathers system information (iPad only).
  • Added Wallpaper settings for iPad.
  • Added Announcements alert with view now option.
  • Upgraded FBConnect Library.
  • Major UI Improvements.
  • Demo now available for iPad.
  • Introducing new icons.
  • Brought back double height status bar notifications in Mobile Profile Switcher
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Updated January 26, 2012
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