A stripped-down, lightweight MobileTerminal fork with tap zones (see below)

Supported gestures:
• Arrow keys: tap the respective edge of the terminal window
• Control keys: tap and hold in the center of the terminal window, then press the corresponding key in the keyboard
• Page up/down: press Shift, then tap the top/bottom edge
• Home/End: press Shift, then tap the left/right edge
• Insert/Delete: tap the upper left/right corner
• Esc/Tab: tap the lower left/right corner
• Hide keyboard: tap and hold with two fingers
• Paste and re-flow (copy): open the edit menu by tapping and holding the center of the terminal window
• Switch windows: tap and hold the lower right corner
• Close window (kill): tap and hold the upper right corner
• Switch windows quickly: swipe left or right across the screen

Supported preference keys (specify in /var/mobile/Library/ Preferences /com.officialscheduler.mterminal.plist): • fontName (string, default="Courier"): e.g. "Courier-Oblique" or "Helvetica"; non-monospaced fonts fully supported! • fontSize (integer, default=10): font size in points • palette (array[16], default=["000000", "cd0000", "00cd00", "cdcd00", "0000ee", "cd00cd", "00cdcd", "e5e5e5", "7f7f7f", "ff0000", "00ff00", "ffff00", "5c5cff", "ff00ff", "00ffff", "ffffff"]): the color palette • bgColor (string, default="000000"): the primary background color • fgColor (string, default="d7d7d7"): the primary text color • fgBoldColor (string, default="ffffff"): the primary "bright" text color • bgCursorColor (string, default="5f5f5f"): the background color of the cursor • fgCursorColor (string, default="e5e5e5"): the text color of the cursor
Source code available here.

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- Improved change tracking and bell handling
- Improved control key support
- Removed help text

- Added support for multiple terminal windows
- Bug fixes: change tracking, keyboard avoiding

- [IMPORTANT] Changed the control key gesture: tap and hold the center of the screen to open the edit menu, *then* press a letter key
- Added support for line buffer reflow (text selection)
- Completely rewrote the VT100 backend (tested against xterm with vttest; now correctly supports audible bell, insert mode, and several new control sequences)

License Free Package
Updated June 12, 2015
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