Requires LockInfo, it will be installed

This plugin for LockInfo will help you track the next prayer time and the Mecca direction depending on your location.

Feel free to change the settings to match your local rule and to give feedback if this is not matching your local expectations

Configure options from LockInfo

***WARNING***This plugin will use your location data without any further warning - by purchasing it, you accept that they are used within the application (only, no other use). Note that you can always revoke this right by going in the settings>location menu and disabling "Muslim Prayer"

***WARNING*** As LockInfo is always active, so is this plugin: please note this can drain out your battery faster than usual. In order to temporary stop the GPS reception, please click on the compass: the green mark below will become red, showing no tracking is done anymore. Of course, then, the data are not so accurate.

***NOTE*** The Mecca direction is always correct - as soon as you allow GPS reception and that it is possible from the environment - but the North direction need a compass in you iDevice. Without an embedded compass, please point your iDevice towards North (red arrow), and you'll get the Mecca direction given by the green arrow.

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1.2. Stability improvement
Updated January 24, 2014
License Commercial Package
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