Compatible with iOS 7 and 8 on iPhone, iPod and iPad !

MyBatteryAlerts allows you to take full control over your battery notifications. With having the option to be alerted with either a normal alert with lots of new options added or with a banner and you can also disable all battery notifications.

"Alert Mode" launches the normal alert view but with options you can add from settings like:
- Battery Usage button to launch settings and go straight to Usage section
- Brightness slider to quickly change it when battery is low
- Switches to quickly toggle battery consuming switches
- You can also change the alert Title and Message

"Banner Mode" launches a normal banner instead of an alert with these options:
- Tap banner to either be directed to Usage or MyBatteryAlerts Settings
- Also you can change the banner Title and Message

Last but not least you can assign a simple activator method to quickly launch either the alert or the banner, if not you can set a custom to make the alert appear!

More features coming soon and all possible requests are welcome.

Make sure to install activator to use "Activation Methods" feature

Configure options from Settings.

See larger Screenshots below..

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If you dont want to loose the current switches theme don't update since the theme is now simple and to reclain those themes you need to install FlipControlCenter in this update since i dont own those themes!

Features added:
- adding a button to the banner which launches the normal alert
- abuility to switch togles theme (P.S. themes other than the normal one requires FlipControlCenter

Bug Fixed;
- That weird bug in settings when the cell color turnn dark and doesnt return to normal

Updated January 18, 2015
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