Requires iOS 7
Not compatible with iPad
Also available, Nightmode for iOS 8

System-wide night mode for iOS. With iOS 7's bright user interface, using your phone at night can be a hassle. Nightmode is the solution. Darken the user interface of applications and enjoy a greatly improved user experience.

* Replace application splashscreens.
* Flipswitch toggle.
* Activator listener.
* Scheduling Nightmode's activation (through Activator).
* Configurable options on a per application basis.
* Fully customisable tint and table selection colours from the settings application.
* Plays nice with biteSMS and the native messages application.

A list common applications that Nightmode supports:
* Twitter
* Music
* Reminders
* Settings
* Contacts
* Photos
* Calendar
* Many more
* Phone

There's more to come! The next feature release will include options to further customise Nightmode!

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*Support for biteSMS QC.
*Theme check boxes in table views.

*Dynamically darken lockscreen and homescreen wallpaper (incompatible with dynamic wallpapers).
*Dynamically adjust brightness when Nightmode is activated/deactivated.
*Darken alert views in SpringBoard.
*Darken action sheets in SpringBoard.
*Ability to have Nightmode disabled by default (applies to applications which have not been previously toggled off and on and new applications.)

*Fix for per-application settings not displaying changes in cells.
*Fix for custom colour previews not displaying when Nightmode is active.

Updated November 7, 2014
License Commercial Package
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