Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

Options to disable access to camera and photos from the lockscreen. Tested and working iOS 7-11.x

Don't want accidental pictures taken in your pocket? Want to protect your camera roll from kids or malicious friends so they can't take hundreds of pictures on your locked device? Try this tweak for added security. It disables the slide-to-open camera/photos app. Protect your Roll!

Configure options from Settings.

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Update for iOS 11.x, also changed settings to user defaults so no resprings necessary to turn on/ off. Added a respring button for convenience though if by chance a particular jailbreak doesn’t update immediately. Also made a fix for iOS 7. Tweak is fully compatible and tested on every firmware from 7-11.4
Updated December 30, 2018
License Free Package
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