Requires iOS 5 or higher

Notificator customize iOS notifications as you want it to be ! It is a tweak that allows you to get notifications about system events of your device. You can replace existing events like the low battery alert by a less intrusive banner or add new notifications to events like joining a Wi-Fi network, installing an application or even switching to a 3G/Edge area !

This tweak is constantly evolving : email me if you want to add some interesting notifications into Notificator!

Works great with SpeakEvents & Aloud !

Configure options from Settings app

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- Completely rewritten !
- Notifications can now appear on the lock screen and in the Notification Center !
- Supports iOS 5.1
- Add an Existing Event : No Data Access Event !
- Add an Existing Event : Wi-Fi Picker Event !
- You can play your own sounds : just put your .caf files in /var/mobile/Library/Notificator
- Preview sounds within the
- Add French localization (more coming soon)
- You can customize texts of your Notifications (edit .strings file (with iFile for example) in /Library/PreferenceBundles/ NotificatorPrefs.bundle/*.lproj ; respring needed)
Updated April 5, 2012
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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