Compatible with iOS 9 and 10

Creates a banner notification with song metadata when song is changed.
Supports showing album artwork if avalible.
Supports the stock and Spotify

No options to configure.

Source code available on github

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-Added iOS 9 & 8 support
-Added preference pane to disable the tweak on the lockscreen and displaying album name as the title of the banner.
-Added support to the folowing apps: SoundCloud, Saavn, VOX, Doppi and Tidal.

Thanks to /u/jamshush & /u/fabriziobeltr for testing on iOS 9!

Added support for the following applications:
Napster, Pandora, Google play music, Deezer and Cesium.

Added album name to the title of the banner.
Updated February 25, 2017
License Free Package
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