Compatible with iOS 10 and 11

Wi-Fi Change Notification Manager

NotifyWiFi10 provide below features.

• The notification at the time of Wi-Fi connection.

• Setting screen of Wi-Fi is opened from a notification.

• You can also open NotifyWiFi settings by setting.

• SSID is displayed on a Notification Banner.

• You can turn on / off the sound and vibration at notification.

• Connected SSID is automatically copied to a clipboard.

• You can save and view the SSID of the connected WiFi as a log.

• You can copy by tapping SSID from Network History.

• The connection will not be notified if SSID is registered into a white list.

• When SSID was registered into the blacklist and it connects with the SSID, Wi-Fi is turned off automatically.

• When connected to anything other than the SSID registered in the whitelist, WiFi can be turned off automatically.

• When WiFi turns off automatically by blacklist etc., various operations can be done with alert.

• When Flipswitch is installed, a function can on/off.

• You can erase the items of notification center by one tap.

• You can check the current WiFi connection status with Activator.

• You can display the WiFi IP address as a memo in the notification center.
(Activator will not be installed together)

Meaning to use

Ensure that you can connect at home, office, etc, and increase safety and convenience by not connecting to a public wireless LAN that can not communicate or is not secure.

Configure options from Settings app.

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Support: iOS 11 Electra jailbreak
Remove: Show NC for Activator

Please use Flipswitch 1.0.16~beta2 or more.
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Updated June 15, 2018
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