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Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

NudeKeys stripes your keyboard keys of its cloths and gives it a new makeover.

Features include:
- Dark Keyboard
- Background gradient colours

Originally inspired from Nude (Colorkeyboard theme).

** This tweak was not originally my idea so the money collected from the tweak will be cashed and donated to homeless men all around Calgary, Canada. Follow me @orangebananaspy and ask me more

Configure options from Settings.


Version 4.3v - Background colour and deep blur blend together now
- Blur options available now (none, little, normal)
- Revamped the colour picker (Hex values are exactly what you type now)

Version 4.2
- Fixed Background colour reappearing after being turned off
- Deep Blur now better and looks sleeker
- Attempt at fixing tweak conflicts

Version 4.1
- Handled highlight variants better
- Better vision of how nude predictive cells would look
- Fixed advertisement in settings
- Minor bug fixes
Updated July 13, 2018
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