Requires iOS 5 or 6
Not compatible with iOS 7.

Octopus Keyboard is a keyboard tweak that predicts what you are about to type and shows the suggestions above individual keys. Simply swipe up on a key and the whole world is inserted into the text!

If your typing is not super-fast, Octopus will speed it up considerably!
It is also a great accessibility tweak, saving you precious keystrokes.

* Integrates smoothly to standard iOS keyboard
* Supports all major languages (except Japanese, Korean and Chinese)
* Next word prediction
* Proximity suggestions
* Learns new words as you type them / learns from Messages and Contact apps
* Installable dictionaries

* There is no demo included yet - this version will not work until a license is downloaded.
* iOS autocorrection will be disabled after installing this tweak (we are working on making it compatible).
* Options configurable via Preferences.
* Language packages with dictionaries available for free.

Purchase license from Settings app.

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This item is now free.

- license and anti-piracy system removed
- open-sourced ( on github )

Updated March 22, 2014
License Free Package
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