Compatible with iOS 10

Compatible with Noctis, Wormhole, FlipControlCenter, & Polus
(please read the description if you use one of the above tweaks)

For optimal use with FlipControlCenter, please enable the Stately theme from your desired theme manager.

For optimal use with Polus, you must change the settings of Polus toggle backgrounds to "none".

This tweak removes a layer off of the Control Center to give the entire look a nice translucent blur. This tweak is open-sourced.

Consider donating to me using PayPal , it will help me determine if I should add more, cheers

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hotfix, should fix crashes on devices below 10.2 (even though this isnt really supposed to work on those earlier devices anyways... )

0.0.3 -> 0.0.4

Masq compatibility

0.0.2 -> 0.0.3

Big fixes !! Now it will look proper all the time no matter what tweaks you have :P

-fixed hard to read now playing text
-Removed the faint button backgrounds properly thanks to @sticktron for telling me how :P

let me know if anything still is off, hope you enjoy the fix & please send thanks to sticktron as I doubt i wouldve realized how

Updated May 24, 2017
License Free Package
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