Compatible with iOS 10

Onizuka will make you multitasking more useful and more beautiful.

You will be able to customize the color of the buttons (Wifi, Airplane mode..), a button record was added, which allows you to save your screen, this option can be practical for Youtubeurs, the video is then recorded in your gallery. A button for saving energy is added, it makes you go into the settings.

In addition to all this a new page was added. In which you will find the time, date, IP address, battery, RAM, available space, DATA used, operator and shortcuts to applications you have selected in the settings.

Onizuka a section in the settings, in which you have 3 options:
-CC Customization
- Hide Elements
- Launch App

CC Customization: You will be able to change the color of many elements of DC, such as buttons. You have the ability to change the background opacity, change the shape of the buttons and many others.

Hide Elements: A simple section that lets you hide items from the ControlCenter

Launch App: In this section you will be able to choose the applications that appear on the new page of your ControlCenter. Applications change according to the day.

Configure options from Settings.

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-Fix for Airstuff Section

- Press on the light to change + or -, a section in the settings allows to adjust the change.
- Added vibration when touching a location of the ControlCenter, a new section in the settings allows you to adjust this.
- Added a mute button in the control center
- Added support with FlipControlCenter
- Fix Settings bugs

- Fix color picker bug
- Add function to custom corner of control center
- Add fonction to change scale of control center

- Better optimization of the battery
- Added a possibility to activate or deactivate the low power mode
- Added a possibility to activate or deactivate for record button
- Replace the operator name with the space available in /var/ mobile/
- You can refresh the system information by shaking your iDevice.
- Adding a repeat and randomizer button to the music player
- Added a possibility to remove the background
- Fix Bugs
Updated March 3, 2017
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