Papaya has a regular version , but by purchasing this version you will get 1000 "papayas". "papayas" is our virtual currency and you can use them to exchange for clothes and accessories for your avatar, as well as chips in games.

We strongly encourage you to try out the regular version of Papaya before you decide to purchase the premium version. Please search for "Papaya" in the app store to find the regular version.

Papaya allows you to play 10 games with friends on one mobile application:
- Parking War
- Farm
- Diamond (Bejeweled)
- Chess
- Puzzle Bobble
- LinLink
- Othello
- Five in a Row
- Blackjack
- Texas Hold 'Em

Other than the games, you can use Papaya as a gaming social network to connect with people, create your own avatar, and personalize it. You can also use Papaya as an IM/VOIP application on which you can use AIM, MSN (including VOIP), Google Talk (including VOIP), Yahoo IM, and ICQ. - Available in iPhone OS 2.2 and later.

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Updated May 6, 2016
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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