Compatible with iOS 10 and 11

For iOS 7/8/9, try Pasithea.

Pasithea 2 is a tweak that lets you manage the iOS clipboard history.

Developed by ichitaso & Hiraku

Pasithea 2 has two methods of usage.

The first is Pasithea Keyboard. By default, Pasithea Keyboard replaces the Tibetan keyboard and automatically adds itself to the activated keyboards list. Pasithea Keyboard can be used to quickly insert past pasteboard history just by switching to it via the iOS "globe" button.

Please note that if you need to use the Tibetan keyboard, you may choose to instead replace the Tamil keyboard - you may do this from Pasithea's settings.

If you do not wish to Pasithea Keyboard at all, you may completely turn its functionality off in Pasithea's settings.

The other method of usage is Pasithea's ControlCenter toggle listener - suitable for use in either Control Center (iOS 11 module) or Flipswitch (iOS 10 Control Center / Activator).

Please install CCSupport to use ControlCenter toggle.

When Pasithea's Flipswitch or ControlCenter toggle listener is invoked, it will show the pasteboard history in a popup.

Tap on the desired history entry to copy it, then tap on a text field to insert it.

By default, Pasithea will store up to 40 strings of Pasteboard history. The maximum can be changed in Pasithea's settings, ranging from 5 entries all the way to 100 entries. Pasithea will not save duplicate text strings.

Configure options from Settings app.

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Fixed keyboard error on iPad Pro iOS 11.0.x
Updated December 30, 2018
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