Compatible with iOS 10.

Based off a popular post on r/Jailbreak and the viral tweak 'Ah Ah Ah' by @Sticktron

A Lockscreen tweak which themes the boring iOS device unlock animations to fit your style. In other words, it changes your wallpaper after you unlock through Touch ID with suqenced images. For example, this tweak is based off of and incorporates a meme coined Persuadable Bouncer" which features a bouncer character guarding a door and greeting you inside when he is satisfied. (Memes included)

Current Themes:
• OG Bouncer
• New-age Bouncer
• Sailor Moon OK

Message on Reddit and Twitter @vvvpl or email me at if you have any requests.

Please report issues to /u/vvvpl or @vvvpl on Twitter or email me at

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Currently only compatible with iOS 10

(07/01/18) First release!
Updated January 10, 2018
License Free Package
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