Compatible with iOS 8.1.x
Also available, Photo Organizer 7

The wait is over. Introducing Photo Organizer 8, the next generation of our popular Photos app tweak that puts you in total control of your photo library.

Key features:
• Move items out of the Camera Roll without deleting them
• Sort (by name/size/date) and reorder items in the Camera Roll and other albums
• Import and sync albums _and folders_ (new in iOS 8) by copying photos directly to /var/mobile/Media/DCIM -- iTunes not required!
• Select ranges of photos by tapping with two fingers
• Select and deselect all photos in an album with one tap
• Reorder the album list and rename the Camera Roll

Photos or videos that have been removed from all albums, but that remain in the photo library, will appear in the "Hidden" album. To skip this album, tap and hold the trash button.

To import media, copy a folder of photos/videos to /var/mobile/Media/DCIM, tap and hold the (+) button in the Photos app, and choose "Import and Sync". Note that in contrast to previous versions, the Camera Roll will not be synced.

Photo Organizer 8 runs inside the stock Photos app and does not install any Springboard icons. There are no options to configure.

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Use LocalAuthentication framework instead of Keychain Services
Updated January 29, 2016
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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