Compatible with iOS 10!

All-in-one Photos customization tool!


- Hide/edit album views, great for privacy. (Hide album covers/Photo count)
- Hide annoying albums such as places/people
- Hide search
- Enable select all and quick swipe selection
- Hide Memories/Shared tabs
- Skip delete confimation
- Hide recently deleted photos
- Increase maximum zoom in photos

Configure options from Settings.


v1.3 (New option)

- Hide recently deleted album (comes with a catch - read info in Settings)

v1.2.1 (Bug fix/New option)

- Fixed hide share tab bug
- Enable live photos badge (to be used with Camera Tools)

v1.2 (New options)

- Rename albums
- Rearrange album placement
- Hide Selfies/Videos/Screenshots
Updated February 21, 2017
License Free Package
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