Requires Snapchat 4.x from App Store and iOS 5 or 6

There's a certain app on the App Store with the words "chat" and "snap" in the name, and PicArchiver is the first and only jailbreak tweak for it! PicArchiver adds several great features that let you use it like never before!

* No more time limits!
* No more holding-down-your-finger!
* No more self-destruction!
* Control sending of read receipts!
* BEST OF ALL: Save any picture or video right to your Camera Roll!

These great features are wrapped up in a slick button bar interface that makes it fun and easy to use!

(PicArchiver v0.1.1 has been tested on iOS 5 and 6 with Snapchat 4.0 and 4.0.1)

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Updated February 28, 2013
License Free Package
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