Requires iOS 7
Not compatible with iPad, yet

Pick or Queue music from Lock-screen or Control Center

Compatible with all iPhones and iPods running iOS 7.X

Apple says iOS 7 is the world's most advanced mobile OS, but it isn't really. It does not have some logical features like toggling Cellular Data from the Control Center or just picking a song from the Lock-screen. This is why millions of users jailbreak their iOS devices - to get more out of their devices. The original version of Pluck which was released in 2013 was a huge success - with over 100,000 users. This is why I decided to re-write & re-design Pluck for iOS 7.

Introducing Pluck 2. It still follows the same idea, to pick songs from anywhere! Pluck 2 is designed to access your iPod music library from the Lock-screen or anywhere else using the Control Center. The minimalistic icon sits on the Lock-screen right opposite the Camera Grabber. Simply hold the Pluck icon to release the music picker. The other icon sits inside Control Center, right next to the media controls - just tap it to release the music picker. Pluck 2 also features song queueing, which lets you pick multiple songs and play them all one by one - at a go. The new icons blend perfectly with bright or dark wallpapers. You can switch between white or black icons from the Settings section (so it perfectly matches your wallpaper).
Pluck 2 is just $0.99 (because I had to work really hard this time). I hope you don't pirate this.
This is my first paid tweak, don't disappoint me. Just buy it and show it off to your friends!

It's not life-changing, but after purchasing Pluck 2 - you won't have to unlock your phone several times just to pick a song!
You'll be able to save time. By picking songs while reading tweets or typing an e-mail or viewing your facebook timeline!
Pluck is your new time-saver, life-saver and energy saver.

Special thanks to @thekirbylover, @Aehmlo, @Sirifl0w, @caughtinflux, @bensge for extra help!

Special thanks to @satropuk for the icons!

Special thanks to Yuvraj M for the original idea!

Special thanks to the beta testers @insanj, @jonathanseals, @macmixing

iPad support coming soon! I need more money to buy an iPad and test tweaks on it.


- Added a new Solid Icon option

- Adds the option to use Tap gesture instead of Hold.
Updated August 1, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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