Tired of having to completely power off your device just for restarting it ? Or to enter a command-line for a respring ?

So PowerDown Customizer is done for you !
This is the iOS 7 version of the tweak, if you are on iOS 8 or 9, check PowerDown Customizer !

With this tweak, you can have different style of PowerDown View that give you these options:
- Power Off
- Reboot
- Respring
- Safe Mode
- Lock

PowerDown View style available:
- UIAlertView (classical iOS alert)
- UIActionSheet (classical iOS botton menu)
- Cleaner UIActionSheet
- Colored view with circular button
- Android Lollipop style (with beautiful material design !)

You can also fully customize the "Colored view" and "Android" style (background color, button color, etc...) within the Settings app !
If you do any change, no respring will be necessary (PowerDown View style, color options, etc...)

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesistate to contact me !

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Updated April 12, 2016
License Commercial Package
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