Always power off your device without the meaning to do it?
Afraid of thieves who will shut down the device so it won't be trackable ?
Your kids always shut down your device ?

Don't worry ! We have got a solution of you!

#PERFECT powerg integration!!!

Just pre define a security code that will be asked when someone will try tho shut down your loved device! for disabling or enabling it you will need to provide you password so no one can simply disable it!

DEFAULT password is : password
change it when you purchase the tweak :)

Just make sure preferenceLoader is installed (free comes with many tweaks) ...

Thanks to Matan Itah for all the help and for this cool idea :)

Configure options from Settings app.

See larger Screenshots below

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Completely new more comfortable settings view!

Enjoy it !

Contact me if there are any problems ! :)

Updated June 22, 2012
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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