Requires iOS 5 and Siri Capability

Get The Prayer Times for the day using Siri from anywhere in the world. PrayerTimeAE Pro is a full featured Prayer Time AssistantExtension that allows you to ask your favorite personal assistant for the prayer times for the day. Simply ask Siri "What are the prayer times for today?" and she will return the prayer times for the exact spot you are standing.

Features include:
- Support for multiple calculation methods including: ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), Ithna Ashari, University of Islamic Sciences Karachi, Muslim World League (MWL), Umm al-Qura Makkah, Egyptian General Authority of Survey, and Institute of Geophysics University of Tehran.
- Support for Shafii and Hanafi Juristic Methods.
- Prayer Time Names in both Arabic and English (more languages to come).
- International location support, Able to detect the location of your iOS device accurately regardless of country.
- Location Caching: No location available? if Location caching is turned on PrayerTimeAE Pro can use the last known location to calculate the Prayer Times.
- Siri help menu integration: All supported phrases are available via the Siri help menu (Accessible by taping the "i" icon when first activating Siri).

All the above setting are configurable via the Settings Preference Pane.

More features to come.

AssistantExtensions will be installed. Enable this plugin from Settings

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Updated June 7, 2012
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.50
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