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Supports iOS 5, 6 and 7
Supports iPhones/iPods/iPads (no split keyboard support on iPads)

Get next word predictions and error corrections above the keyboard as you type, similar to popular keyboards on Android devices. Integrates into the default iOS keyboard. A fifth row is inserted above which contains predictions.

*3-day trial license available
*Get next-word predictions and error corrections as you type
*Learns new words automatically
*Integrates smoothly into default iOS keyboard - no extra app needed
*Your privacy is protected: No passwords are "learned" and no other private information is collected or sent

*English language (US) is pre-installed
*Many other languages are available for free as in-app download (see website for a list of supported languages)

*Install PredictiveKeyboard
*Buy a license using Settings -> PredictiveKeyboard
*Download the license using Settings -> PredictiveKeyboard (one license can be used for up to three devices)

See larger Screenshots below..

* Various bug fixes
* Disabled in Chrome Omnibar

* Compatibility with AltKeyboard 2

Terms and Conditions