Requires iOS 7
Works on all iOS devices (iphone/ipad/ipod)
Check out PreferenceTag2 (iOS 8)
Do you remember Preference Folders? if the answer is No you have missed an awesome extension that allowed you to Create folders into the Preference app.
Preference Tag is a new jailbreak Tweak that allows you to organize your Preferences like Preference Folders did, but instead of Folder now you have Tag. A Tag ,basically,is like a Folder.

When you install this you have to Enable. For some issue of everything feel free to contact me: or Twitter.

To have a better experience ( also with the new search Box ) i recommend to you to enable "Animations" from the "Advanced" section.

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°Fixed a bug with apps settings. Now you can add infinite Tags.

°Bug fixes and improvements.
°Now you can change the icon of a Tag from "PreferenceTag->Tags->Your Tag";
°Added the ability to rearrange your Tag content.
°Added support for Italian language ( if you want to translate email me: )

°Added a small button under "PreferenceTag->General->Info->User Guide" that reset all of you Tags
°Fixed a bug that cause the crash of Preference app.
°Added "Pull to Refresh" to the main page ( "Remove all tabs " ) of the Preference app.
°Added the ability to rearrange the position of your Preferences.
°Added support for iPad ( some features like "Search Box", "organizing the position" aren't present on the iPad version. )

°Now you can edit your Tags contents withouth having to go "Preference Tag->Tags->Your Tag".
°Added a search box at the top of every Tag folder;
°Added new system for icons: now have a list of default icon for your Tag.
°Added share button to tweet a small review of this package.
°Added credit page.
°Added the ability to change the name of PreferenceTag.
°Added a new splash screen for new users.
°Added some new icon.
°Bug fixes and improvements.

Updated January 18, 2015
License Commercial Package
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