For iOS 7 only.

PrivatePlus7 provides a better private mode for the iOS 7 Safari.

It lets you set wildcarded blacklist filters, automatically enables private mode in that tab when a tab goes in a website that's address matches a filter in the blacklist.

This is especially useful when you often forget to go to private mode or to clear your history. ;^)

to enable the tweak or set blacklists doubletap the private mode button on safari, that'll launch the privateplus menu.

on the same menu you can also remove all filters on the blacklist, or when you are browsing a blacklisted website, remove that blacklist filter.

we don't show all filters on the menu for your secrecy.

see our website to see our other releases. privateplus8 is coming soon.

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Updated December 31, 2014
License Free Package
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