Procyon, an amazing web browser

1. Smart Omnibar With Suggestions as you type - The browser recognizes if you want to go to a url search
2. Download Manager - Notifications pop up at the top of the screen for download events, and view detailed progress in the download manager
3. Tabbed Browsing with unlimited tabs - Open as many websites your device's memory can handle
4. Nitro - Accelerate Javascript Up to 3x as fast
5. WebGL - View GPU accelerated 3D graphics
6. Full Screen Mode on iPhone - Rotate your device into landscape, and use every pixel on the 3.5" display to browse the internet
7. Bookmarks - Save a single page for later
8. Sessions - Save all your open tabs for later, and reopen them with one tap
9. Homepage - Set your favorite website as your homepage, and the browser can automatically open it when you launch it
10. Restore last session - When you close the browser, it saves the tabs for you and reopens them when you reopen the browser in the advent that the browser quits
11. Back and Forward History - Hold down the back or forward button to view the list of websites backwards or forwards
12. Pull to refresh - Why Tap when you can pull?
13. iPad Support - Use a desktop-like version of the browser on your iPad.
14. Adblock - Ads were yesterday

Configure options from Settings app.

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1. Fixes "Stuck URL" in the omnibar when the page is loading
2. Minor Adblock Enhancements (Hopefully it's a little better)
3. Prettier Loading Bar

1. Completely Redesigned Tab Switcher for iPad
2. Download manager now shows saved files
3. Adblock Beta can block most ads
4. Google +

Updated August 13, 2012
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