Your status bar, your way.

The status bar is an important aspect of iOS. You regularly take a peek at it to view things such as the time, current wifi/data connections, battery level, and the list goes on. The problem is that the status bar is lacking features, and is nowhere near customizable. Protean changes this. It provides incredible levels of customization to the status bar - from arranging and hiding items, to modifying items, to even adding new ones.

Often we need to check our notifications and system status. Since the status bar is so prominent in iOS, we decided to make use of this brilliant addition and make the status bar even better. Currently, you can display applications (with a notification from a badge or Notification Center), Flipswitches, connected Bluetooth devices, and more. We've engineered Protean to be compatible with all OpenNotifier icon packs, with this and the 100+ icons bundled in, there is a near-infinite selection of icons to choose from.

But wait, there's more! Have you ever wished you could tap on a status bar icon to perform an action? Well now you can! Protean supports launching quick reply (compatible with most QR tweaks), applications, and supports the full power of Activator, all from a single icon tap! For example, you could assign the WiFi icon to launch Vestigo, or the Messages icon to bring up Quick Reply.

Careful consideration and many hours have gone into supporting third party status bar icons. As well, Protean fully supports libstatusbar and any tweak that uses it. If you have/are aware of a tweak that has a status bar icon and it appears badly under the Organization tab, feel free to report the identifier and tweak name - we'll add support it as soon as we can.

Features include:
• Arranging status bar items
• Hiding status bar icons
• Adding applications, flipswitches, total notification count, and bluetooth devices into the status bar
• Tap actions for all the aforementioned choices and system icons
• Change the size of the abnormally large lock screen status bar
• Show signal RSSI (It is recommended to install RSSIPeek to quickly peek at signal and WiFi RSSI)
• Show/hide the time item on the lock screen
• Change the battery percentage style (3 to choose from: default, no percent sign, and textual)
• Customizing the carrier name
• Custom time formats, including lowercase AM/PM

Compatible with all iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS 7.x.x and iOS 8.x.x.

We hope you enjoy Protean as much as we have while developing it!

StatusTime+ and Cloaky have been reported as causing crashes. These as well as other incompatibilities are being looked into as quickly as we can.

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- Compatible with Multiplexer.
Updated September 22, 2015
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