Compatible with iOS 5 and 6
Now available: Protecti+

With just one simple gesture, you can protect your private information on your iDevice.

It is a fact that most of us once set password on our iDevice. But don't you think that it doesn't actually work as an appropriate method to protect your information? Let me name a few of examples, when your friends or your relatives want to take a look at or have some fun with your iPhone, I bet you have to type in the password for them. And to repeat inputting the same password from time to time would be definitely annoying.

Well, if this sort of problems happen to you, this new tweak Protecti, is your answer.

Protecti offers you a refreshing experience while protecting your iDevice: you don't even need to enter your password any more! This tweak is able to disable some certain apps through by all means, as well as all kinds of notification including alerts, banners, related Notification Center information, lock screen notification, and it can even stop the badge numbers from increasing!

What is more, you can custom your own notification content. So when Protecti is enabled, a new message from your selected applications will only appear as your "fake notification".

*** Protecti is based on MobileSubstrate, you can enter safe mode to disable it. But I have a good solution for that, please see feature detail "bypass system passcode" in advanced features. ***

Here are some more features listed below, some parts of them are really fantastic, please spend a few minutes reading in case of not missing them.

* Choose your target applications to be protected.
* Choose gestures you want to enable/disable Protecti.
* Vibrate when Protecti enable/disable.

When you enable Protecti:
* Disable launch from icon, spotlight search results, multitasking, tapping notification, some other tweaks and URL scheme.
* Disable notification styles: alerts, banners, notification center items, lock screen notifications and badge number increasing.
* Custom notification content: title, subtitle, message, attachments display and sound.
* Disable certain contents in spotlight search results. Namely when Protecti is disabled, you can use search as you like. While Protecti is enabled, the privacy will not display in spotlight search results.
* Hide settings items: reset(don't worry somebody reset your device), wallpaper(they can't see pictures from wallpaper), Activator and Protecti itself.

More features here!
* Disable open folders
* Disable notification center
* Disable uninstall
* Disable move icons
* Disable Siri
* Disable switcher
* Disable pasteboard (when Protecti is enabled, the pasteboard content will be cleaned and saved; when Protecti is disabled, the pasteboard content will be restored to the content before enable Protecti.)

Advanced features (some of them only available for advanced users):
* Exit app instantly when enabled: when Protecti is enabled, if the current app is chosen in Protecti, it will be shut down.
* Status bar item indicates the Protecti's on/off: the indication item only takes two pixels on the right of status bar, and it is almost unable to be noticed for guests on your iDevice. This feature needs libstatusbar. For more details please check the setting panel of Protecti.
* Automatically enable Protecti when locking screen.
* Enable password while disabling Protecti: when you disable Protecti, you must input password first.
* Bypass system passcode: Protecti is based on MobileSubstrate, that means you can disable Protecti by entering safe mode. You can use system passcode to protect your device in safe mode. But it is very boring that inputting passcode in normal mode. So Protecti provides a tricky feature, bypasses system passcode.
* Fake passcode: to unlock screen with fake passcode will make Protecti enabled; to unlock screen with true system passcode will make Protecti disabled.
* PL hide photos: with this feature, from lockscreen you can only see the pictures taken after Protecti enable. This is very useful when somebody want to use your device to take pictures. It also can prevent the access of third party Apps except Photos.

*** If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at any time! ***

Also includes SBSettings toggle.

Configure from Settings app.

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2013-05-05 version 0.11-1
- Add: Disable Zephyr, Velox when enable Protecti

2013-05-02 version 0.10-1
- Now Disable Notification Style only works for protected apps
- Sorry for frequent update

2013-05-02 version 0.9.101-1
- Bug fixes

Updated February 3, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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