not compatible with iOS 7 and works only on old Sparrow versions 1.2 and below

Requires Sparrow from App Store

iPhone Jailbreak tweak for the popular iPhone app Sparrow, which enables eMail push notification when the app is in the background making Sparrow a real replacement for the stock Mail application.

After a long anticipation the iPhone application "Sparrow" was released with a disappointing limitation through Apple's restrictions: Users are not notified of new mails if the application is not running. The jailbreak tweak "Sparrow Push" enables this functionality using IMAP idle and makes Sparrow a complete replacement for the stock mail client on the iPhone.

Sparrow Push will also do it's best to restart Sparrow if it is quit or you restart your iPhone

Features planned for the future:
- Notification Center integration
- mailto: links integration

Also try 3G Unrestrictor 5


Sparrow 1.2 compatibility
Updated February 19, 2014
License Free Package
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