Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10
Supports iPhone and iPod, not support iPad
Requires QRC library

Quick reply and compose for WhatsApp.

• Quick reply from anywhere.
• Quick compose from anywhere.
• Show recent contacts.
• Show recent messages.
• Show contact avatar.
• Show unread count badge.
• Support search / enter contact.
• Support send image message.
• Support play audio message.
• Support simple mode.
• Support conversation mode.

Quick reply:
- Swipe down notificatin banner to quick reply.
- Swipe left from notification item to show "Reply" button, click "Reply" to quick reply.

Quick compose:
- Click notification center compose icon to quick compose.
- Assign activation method via QuickDo or Activator.

Dismiss compose window:
- Swipe down to keyboard area.
- Click home button.

Switch to Select Contact Window:
- Double tap blank area of chat messages view to switch to select contact window.

Refresh Chat Messages:
- Pull up to refresh chat messages.


• 任何地方快捷回复。
• 任何地方快捷发送。
• 显示最近会话联系人。
• 显示最新会话记录。
• 显示联系人头像。
• 显示未读消息数。
• 支持搜索或输入联系人。
• 支持发送图片。
• 支持语音信息播放。
• 支持简单模式。
• 支持会话模式。

- 下拉通知条快捷回复。
- 通知中心左滑显示回复按钮,点回复按钮快捷回复。

- 点通知中心快捷回复图标激活快捷发送。
- 使用QuickDo或Activator设置手势激活快捷发送。

- 向下往键盘区域滑动。
- 按Home键。

- 双击聊天记录空白区域来切换到选择联系人界面。

- 聊天记录界面向上拖动来刷新聊天记录。

Requires iOS 8 or higher
Supports iPhone and iPod, not support iPad yet
Requires QRC (Quick reply and compose library)

Need reboot device after install

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- Support for WhatsApp 2.17.80
- 适配 WhatsApp 2.17.80
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Updated November 20, 2017
License Commercial Package
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