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A clever tweak to theme your device according to the user set wallpaper. It also offers a designer to override some areas of the theme to make compatible with their own themes. This way not can you only enjoy themes that were made automatically, but also the themes created by designers to compliment their own themes.

The aim of this tweak was to make something that could work side by side with a well known theming platform (winter board) and take it a step further by providing the designers a tool to complete their themes, while also providing the users an option for automatic theming with their wallpaper.

All of this is dependent on the Quartz Plugin (installed separately).

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Version 3.0.1
- Fixed ton of issues
- Fix for incorrect blurring on iOS 8.3
- Faster wallpaper compression to reduce lag

Version 2.0-4
- Fixed issue where removed plugin still showed

Version 2.0-3
- Fixed scrolling problem for some

Updated June 29, 2015
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