Requires iOS 5 or higher

Using Facebook or Google chat is one of the most convenient ways to stay in touch with your friends but until now, doing so on iOS has been inconvenient to say the least - in order to carry on a conversation with apps such as Beejive and IM+ you are limited to having to switch back and forth between whatever you are working on and the respective chat application.

Thanks to QuickIM this is a thing of the past! QuickIM is the first multi-protocol chat client designed specifically for jailbroken iOS devices featuring quick-reply and quick-compose. With QuickIM you no longer have to leave what you are working on to answer a IM message. You can now quickly reply to incoming messages and quickly compose new messages. QuickIM currently supports Facebook and Google Chat and will support AIM and Yahoo soon, and best of all its FREE!

Please watch the following video for an introduction to the app and its features and let us know of any issues or suggestions at

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Updated July 8, 2012
License Free Package
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