Compatible with iOS 8 & 9.

Requires Couria.

The best in Quick Reply and Compose for Viber. Requires Couria, all in one platform centralised Quick Reply & Compose system. Tons of options included and can be configured via Couria's Viber settings. Requires Viber 5.6.5 or above.


1. Quick Reply to Viber messages from lock screen, notification center and banners without launching Viber.
2. Quick Compose a Viber message from anywhere using FlipSwitch and Activator.
3. Search Contacts:- Quick search for contacts/recent messages and send messages without launching Viber.
4. Read and send messages without marking it as read.
5. Clear badges while replying, this requires 'Mark As Read' to be turned on.
6. Conversation Mode:- By turning on 'Keep After Send', you can keep replying to a conversation without dismissing the conversation window.
7. Go to Contacts: Double tap on any conversation window to go back to Contacts/Recents screen any time.
8. If sending a message is failed, you can send it again by swiping right left & selecting 'Retry'.
9. Quick sound and vibration alerts after sending a messages.
10. Pull to refresh messages.

Tons of customizable options which are not part of standard Couria.

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1. Added support for latest Viber (6.5.3)
2. Fixed 'Mark As Read' is not working issue which found on older version of QRForViber.
Updated December 5, 2016
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