Requires iOS 6 or higher

QuickShootPro will ensure you never miss out on another photo opportunity just because you were waiting for a camera app to launch. It enables you to capture photos and videos quickly. You can double tap icons on your home screen to take images, and triple tap for video recording. You can even double tap the lock screen grabber to capture an image.

A lot of handy functionality like an options window (to change settings like flash, camera device, HDR, etc.) without going into, activator actions for both video and image capture, the ability to set custom app icons to double tap, and more little things that I’ll leave to you to find out have been added.

I, Aditya Krishnadevan, the author of this software, hereby disclaim myself from any legal liability that may incurred by the inappropriate use of this software. I provide no warranties, expressed or implied for this product. By using this software, you agree to these terms. Use it responsibly, in compliance with all your local and federal laws.

I've had quite a few requests to disable the shutter sound in that is played when an image is captured. I'd like to address this once and for all: It won't be done. The sound is not intentionally played by me, iOS is engineered in that way. It is required by law in many countries for a shutter sound to be played when a photo is being captured, and is not worth the effort to have to check up every country's (oftentimes obscure) laws, when this sound can be disabled by simply turning on silent mode, at least as far as iPhones and iPads go.

While asking for support, please use the email button built into the preferences pane of this tweak, as it attaches some information vital to understand the probable cause of any issue you might be facing.

Configure options from Settings app.

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-> Attempt to fix bug that was causing crashes after long periods of recording
-> Refactor a lot of the program, should be a little zippier now
Updated January 6, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.49
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