Recents keeps your call history coupled with Notification Center on your iDevice. It adds another tab to Notification Center and from where you can view all your call history and made calls without unlocking your device or launching the stack Phone app. It also allows you to manage your call history (like adding a call to existing contact or creating a new contact from a call) from any hassle. Its also compatible with all famous tweaks like IntelliScreenX, LockInfo and CallBar, etc.

Note: *Screenshots shown in the below section are rendered with Copic. To have Contact images with Recents requires a valid purchase of Copic.

Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Comes with 3 day full trial.

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Whats new in 1.0.4?
1. Fixed most irritating bug that some times Recents unable to trigger a call when a call is selected in Recents screen even 'Call on Tap' is enabled.
Updated March 4, 2016
License Commercial Package + Free Trial
Suggested Price $ 1.49
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