RecordMyScreen is the first free, open source screen recorder for iOS! It is capable of running on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

1. Open Source
2. Supports Video Rotation
3. Support 1/2 or Full Size
4. Hardware Accelerated Direct h.264 Encoding
5. Captures OpenGL frames out of the box
6. Manage recordings in the app
7. Open Recordings in other apps / Save them to the photo library
8. Fully compatible with Retina Display (retina iPads need to set the video size to 50%)
9. Fully supports iOS 7

* CoolStar (@coolstarorg) - Started the project, and created the initial code.
* ProtoSphere (@protosphere7) - Helped transition to encoding the video on-the-fly
* John Coates (@punksomething) - Improved the framerate of the video captured, fixed the screen tearing, and made RecordMyScreen usable on <= A4
* Brandon Etheredge (@brandonEtheredg) - Added support for the iPad on the UI
* Nicholas Gomollon (@gomollon) - Prevented other apps from stopping our recording (unfortunately using an iOS 6 only API)
* Aditya KD (@caughtinflux) - Moved the recording stuff to a separate class. Makes it a lot easier for us to start on the tweak version :)
* MPow (@ManzoPower) - Add Video Editing Feature

Source Code at Github

Retina display iPads need to set the video size to 50% or 75% in Settings.
Requires iOS 5 or higher.
Requires armv7 device with OpenGL ES 2.0 support.
Requires Setting an Activation method in settings under Settings > RecordMyScreen > Activation Method.

See larger Screenshots below..

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Finally got around to adding iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini Retina support.

1. Add a "Manage Recordings" Option in settings.

Updated January 4, 2014
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